Tricky Situations - November 14

life is super crazy when you`re teaching dozens of lessons everyday!

super super sad news, one of our investigator`s mom died last week, so we`re been working super closely with them and it`s SUCH a blessing seeing the Lord`s hand in the work! I`m super happy that I have the knowledge that I have an eternal family! It`s such a blessing to know that no matter what, I will ALWAYS be with my family! Cherish your family and love them forever! 

Hermana Rosas and I found 4 youth and it`s honestly the biggest blessing of my life! I absolutely LOVE working so closely with the youth here! They just have such a special spirit about them and I just love their interest and intrigue in the gospel of Jesus Christ! It`s so cool because right now they`re on vacation (it`s like their summer right now! Weird huh?) but yeah, they`re always ready and open to listen to our messages and AH I just love the work SO much! 

Okay, so there`s a super weird tradition here for Christmas! So I guess on the 11th of November, they get a rooster, but JUST the head, and they place it on top of the Christmas tree!! It`s like the star, but the rooster`s head in San Marcos! It`s so different! But yeah, it`s called arbol gallo and everybody celebrated on Friday with tons of fireworks and of course, tamales!! I can`t even tell you how much I don`t like tamales hahahah but life is too wonderful to even care about 7 tamales... haha!

I`m in a super cold and far area in the mission so I haven`t really seen a ton of the mission or really the different types of people, but the people here are so amazing! Literally everyone goes to church and I`m positive that everyone has God stickers on probably every single thing they own! It`s seriously so fun getting to know all the people here! I`m SO grateful to be here!!

Really nothing much else! I love serving a mission here and being a gringa missionary in Guatemala! I hope and pray that each of you are having so so so much success in your lives and developing relationships with people that will be in your life forever! I know that God has a plan for each and every single one of us and we`re all placed on earth for a reason! Each of you are important to our Heavenly Father! I love you all so much!

Hermana Pereira

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