January 31 - See you soon goons!!!!

They are gathering together to go to the temple in Guatemala City, then head the airport in the morning.  It's surreal!!!  I love this girl so much and I just can't wait to squeeze and embrace her!!!!

love you and see you tomorrow lovies! Happy Wednesday! 💞


January 24 - Dulce Goodbyes

Well, I never ever thought I would get to the end of this super crazy but wonderful adventure of mine! These past 18 months, I have served the Lord will all of my heart, might, mind, and strength. What a pleasure it was for me! I have absolutely LOVED this time wearing a nametag, and sharing it with Jesus Christ´s name... what a gift! 

This past week was actually the best week ever! It still had it´s ups and downs, but yesterday we visited 2 of the girls we´ve been teaching and they told us that they want to get baptized THIS Saturday! It was seriously the coolest thing ever! So I can honestly say that I will be finishing off with a splash! 🐳 I´m so so excited! 

Life in Guatemala has been the best thing in the entire world! I never thought I would have learned so so so much in such a short time. 

Here´s some things I learned:
  1. Life is full of twists and turns (especially on bouncy buses!)
  2. Sometimes a tortilla and salt is all a parasite tummy needs
  3. Cold water showers are better after a long day of walking in the sun!
  4. Animals are friends too 🐢
  5. Rain & plastic shoes 👍 but plastic shoes and slipperly feet 👎
  6. Always look up at the blessings ahead of you 
  7. Friends can really come from ALL over the world!
  8. Everyone just needs a little love every once and a while
  9. If you say "amigo" to someone, they will automatically become your friend and they will NEVER forget it (hint: i think i´ve made like 100 little kid friends just by yelling "adios amigo")
  10. A tortilla can literally turn into 30 different foods
But something so important that I learned, was that everyone here has some type of belief in God and in His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Here´s some testimony strengthening things that I will never forget:
  1. We are God´s children and He loves us more than we will EVER know
  2. Jesus Christ died for each and every one of us so that someday, we can be as great as Him. 
  3. Trust is not given, it is gained. We should all strive for God´s trust!
  4. Our trials are yet a small little piece of Christ´s sacrifice
  5. Even if we only have time to thank God for another day of life and for our food, he is content with us!
  6. We will all one day we reunited with our familes again :)
  7. When we read the scriptures, we are literally searching for answers from our Heavenly Father
  8. We can definitely share the love of our Savior to others so that they can feel joy!
  9. God wants us to be happy, so he´s put us in the exact place where we need to be in this very moment!
  10. When we feel loved, peaceful, grateful, happy, or even warm inside, we are feeling the Spirit of God! 
Thank you for always being such great supporters of mine. I love you all with alllll and I can´t wait to share my little chapín experiences with you! Que Dios les bendiga en este tiempo de sus vidas. Él les ama con TODO se corazón. Y yo también. Gracias por ser mis ejemplos!

Con mucho mucho amor, 
Hermana Pereira

January 17 - Countdown!!!!!!

okay so i really have 0 time BUT...
  1. the countdown starts now! i head home in 2 weeks
  2. life is great!
  3. im happy and content and nervous and scared and just all out surpised by everything! 
  4. time is flying
  5. crazy lessons this week... someone pulled out their twin pigeons this week ahahah. it was so funny
  6. lots of miracles these past couple of days!
  7. but also lots of trials... yay for faith building situations!! :)
life is great. i´m very content and just peaceful about everything! Thank you all for being so great and just awesome supporters. i´m grateful for all of you! have a fab day and i love you all will all my heart!!

hermana pereira 

ps. so sorry for the lame email but like hope you enjoy!!

January 10 - Melted Shoes

hello 2018, goodbye to my plastic shoes! Hahah, recently it´s been so stinkin´ hot here that my little plastic shoes can´t take it! they´re slowing melting on the bottoms but like they just gotta last a little bit longer and it´s fine!! 

This past week went by so so so slow! i think with the pday change it´s messing with my head! but it was a good good week! 
  • just super super scared because our neighbor set off mini fireworks outside of our door and it was just a poppin wake up call!!! hahaha
  • we bought mini watermelons this week for 1 quetzal :) 
  • our cute lesli is progressing lots and we´re so so happy with her love for the gospel!
  • we found janira in a little cake shop last week and she came to church and she´s been receptive to our message and our quick visits to her strawberry shortcake cake shop!
  • first sunday of the year was a blast and everyone was just so so happy! yay for new years and new beginnings and new goals! 
  • played with water balloons today and it was SO funny... I love being in an all latino distict! they´re so fun!! 
but life is going great! even though my shoes are burning, my love for this work is growing uncontrollably! I love this gospel and I just love love love being a missionary! Really, you can feel Heavenly father´s deep love for you through the little things that you can do for him! I´ve truly come to realize that God sent His Son for us! And Christ wants us to accept Him in our lives so that we can live forever and ever with him in happiness! I know that we are able to find a little piece of that happiness through our families. I love representing the Savior through all my good works! :)

thanks for all that you all do for me. I love you all more than you know! 

Hermana Pereira