January 3, 2018 - Feliz And Nuevo

happy new years lovies!

just a quick update:
  • did intercambios with my bff hermana bracha!! I love her too much!
  • hermana lindsey and i celebrated new years with fake apple cider and lots and lots of tamales! yay for chapĂ­n foods! 
  • pday changed to wednesdays... surpirse!
  • we´re teaching lots and lots of positive people! happy new years to us hehe
  • hna linds and i bought a cute little love fern (cactus) to decorate the house hehe
  • lots of fireworks and scares this past weekend to literally jump into 2018
  • love the members here with ALL my heart. they´re so cuteee
such a lame email BUT i just get so distracted that i don´t even remember cool things that happen during the week! hehe, and also they are sooo many people that just leave for vacay this week so we were just little missionaries looking so somebody in their home :) 

i love love love this work and especially the fact that I was able to spend an entireeee year in Guatemala! i learned SO much and especially more about who I really am. I am extremely happy to be here and i learn about the people and the cultures and how to be humble and giving! I hope you all had a happy new year and you were able to put new year goals! 

happy 2018! 

hermana pereira 

December 25 - Feliz Feliz Navidad

well everyone merrrrryyyy christmassss!! this week was SO full of food.

okay so this week i tried to eat a little more to stretch out my stomach for the big feast we would be eating on Christmas Eve... okay. Terrible decision because I ended up being so full on Christmas Eve that I couldn´t even eat more than a chicken sandwich and a fruit juice hahaha. it was so hard but like here i am... a little chubbier like Olaf in Frozen when he falls down the hill :) 

the christmas culture here is actually something SO pretty that I will never ever forget. on Christmas Eve, people go out and visit their neighbors and their loved ones and everyone makes tamales to give away to those who visit.... let´s just say we got lots of tamales and turkey legs! it´s funny because i can´t look at a turkey leg the same after going to Disneyland... 

i love the people here and my life and everything in between! i´m thankful to be a missionary and rep of jesus christ :) thank you all of lighting the world this month, you put seeds in the hearts of manyyy!! 

love you lots and see you soon fam ;) 
hermana pereira 

enjoy my christmas prep pics!!