Too Happy to Type - October 17

ahhh first of all, so so sorry for last week´s email! We were super busy!! And secondly, how is everybody doing?? I hope super well!

This week was super successful for both my companion and I, and our zone! Our zone had 11 baptisms this week and it´s super awesome because supposedly, the mountains don´t baptize at all! So we´re feeling super super happy! Also, our ward hasn´t baptized any new converts in about 2 years I guess so it´s such a happy time for everyone in our area!

I had my second baptism this week for Robin!! He´s the husband of Mariela and they´re family is SO sweet! They now have the fullness of the gospel in their cute home! Saturday was insanely crazy because we didn´t have the keys to the font and so I had to jump over the glass of the font to open the door and turn on the water! I was shaking so much but hey, I´m a missionary and missionaries do service for whoever and whenever! Haha but yes, we then continued to fill the font with bucket after bucket of ICE COLD water! Poor Robín, he was probably freezing! Oh yes, and after the baptism the missionaries were talking to Alba, Robín´s sister, and she decicded in that moment, that she wanted that same happiness in her life! So we had a surprise last minute baptism for Alba the next morning before church! 

Earlier in the week, Hermana Rosas and I were walking and saw this cute little 5 year old crying and so we went over to him and hugged him and made him feel like he was the most important kid in the entire world! When we were laughing and telling jokes with him, a bunch of kids came over and started talking to us! Hermana Rosas and I decided to sing hymns with them and teach them a little about the Book of Mormon and it was SO fun! I love love love the kids here and their sweet spirits! 

Our progressing investigators are thee best people ever! There is this family that I absolutely ADORE and they´re so so so faithful and the family just loves learning more and more about the gospel! They are one of the reasons why I love waking up in the morning and teaching these beautiful people this ahhh amazing plan of happiness!

I absolutely love the mission more than words can explain! It´s dificult and tough at times, but every week I am just reminded of the happiness that this gospel brings when I see shining, happy faces in sacrament meeting!

I challenge each of you to think of something you LOVE in your life and share it with the people that you love! Each of you mean the absolute world to me and I´m so thankful for your sweet words and testimonies you share with me each week! 

Love you all beyond words, 
Hermana Pereira

ps. I see about 100 dogs everyday!! Like actually I´m not exaggerating, I saw 103 in one day!!

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