Tough Week but Happy Tummies - March 27, 2017

This week was proabbly thee hardest week of the entire mission... I hope I don´t have any more!! knock on wood!

BUT life is good! i´m super happy and i love learning and growing and understanding more about the gospel of Jesus Christ! :) 

welllll, ya. we ate yummy yummy food this week and when we´re sad (which honestly, is never!) we eat chocobananos and grilled cheese... so let´s just say our tummies are super full of those necessities! :) 

we had a baptism this week! yay! happy to see our little Carlitos taking steps toward our Father in Heaven! don´t worry, i´ll attach pictures :) 

we have a super cute investigator that wears corte (it´s the typical guatemala clothes) and ah it´s super expensive!!! BUT she said I could try it on, so stay tuned for a full out chapina-ized hermana pereira :)) hahah, but she´s so cute, her name is Anna and she just loves loves loves the church! she´s a such a little ray of sunshine in my life! yay for anna, and for complete love for life!

really, although this week was tough, i´ve never been so thankful for all of the blessing in my life! espically my trials, they made me a better and stronger person. I am so thankful for the power of prayer in my life and how i can ALWAYS rely on my savior! :) i´m so thankful for all of the people that i get to talk to everyday. It´s such a blessing and priviledge for me to be able to share my happiness and pure joy with every single person!

I know that Christ lives. That he loves and takes care of us. Never lose your faith and your light of Christ, He is the way to our pure happiness! 

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.   -John 14:27

feliz semana mis queridos amigos y familiaaaa,
hermana pereira 💞

ps. idk what happened with the pics but like hopefully you can open them!

Bug Bites and Baptisms.  More Missionary Monday photos of Hermana Pereira.

Gozoso means Joy! - March 20, 2017

I LOVE the word gozoso! It´s such a rich word that is only 3 short letters in English; JOY! I just love being more than happy, I love having joy!

This past week has just been full of blessings and miracles! 

Really nothing too too crazy, BUT this super sweet girl that we´ve been teaching, Teresa, is getting baptized this week! She is such a great example to me and I´m so thankful for her desire to truly come unto Christ, and follow in her perfect footsteps!

In other news, we´ve been visiting tons and tons of people and they´re all super nice and they love hearing from us! I love how open and willing the people are here! But some of them are a little tooooo nice... haha but seriously, the amount of guys that have talked to us this week is off the charts!! 

life here is fun. it´s starting to rain (2 months earlier than planed!) but it´s fun! i´m learning more and more spanish and i can understand more! Thank goodness! Hahah, but really, life here in Guatemala is a dream! It´s better than I´ve ever imagined or dreamed of!! If you wanna travel, I definitely suggest Guatemala! ;) 

But really, I love this gospel. I love helpng other people strengthen their relationships with our Heavenely Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. I love learning about the Guatemalan culture and their traditions. I love being a missionary, and wearing a plaque that truly shows that I am a representative of Jesus christ. I am SO happy and overjoyed to be an ambassador for the Lord! Keep praying. Keep coming unto Christ, and I promise that you will feel His immeasurable love for you!

Love this opportunity that I have to share my happiness every single day!

Hermana Pereira 
hey! p.s. i´m challenging all of you, who have their patriarchal blessings, to READ THEM! read them with an open heart and i promise that you will receieve an answer to a question in your life!! 

A Missionary Monday of Photos - March 13, 2017

I'm a Mom! LOL - March 6, 2017

Life is fabulous
The mission is great
I have 2 parasites
anddddd awkward tanlines

There`s a poem for ya (that doesn`t rhyme or anything) about how my life is going hahaha

Haha but super short email BUT I`m training! It`s been a super fun week with my little Nicaraguan companion (again!), she`s such a sweetheart. Straight out of the CCM, she`s awesome and SUCH a hard worker! Love her, love the work!
We`re working with 2 SUPER cute families and i love them SO MUCH! They are miracles in my life! :)
we roller skated for Pday today and wow... it was so funny. my poor companion was struggling BUT she`s a rockstar and made it though!
it`s hot,  i`m sweaty all the time, i have bugbites everyday BUT I love the mission!!! I`m so happy to be here and I honestly would rather be here than any other place in the world! I hope you can all feel my uncomtrolable love for each and every one of you! You guys are such inspritations to me and I`m so so so thankful for each of your testimonies, and your incredible faith in Christ! I know that this is the truth church and I couldn`t be MORE grateful for the love that I can feel from not only you, but from our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ.
xoxo your slightly browned, yet extemely happy missionary in guatemala,
hermana pereira :)