Mazate!!! - January 30, 2017

Haha first of all, so sorry, my first transfer and i didn´t even have time to write a tiny email to everyone! BUT here I am!! Sweating like CRAZY in the most Americanized city in the mission! Hahah, there is literally every type of fast food here and you can actually find anything here... it´s SO different from Soche, that´s for sure!!

My companion is the spunkiest girl I have ever met. Her name is Hermana Tercero and she´s from Nicaragua!! She only has (almost) 3 months in the mission, so I´m finishing her training!! But yeah, honestly, she makes me laugh so hard everyday. Working is SO fun when you have a crazy companion! I love her and the work though, it´s just so much more enjoyable when you can joke around and laugh and smile about anything! 

So my area is SUPER huge, and so is our ward, so that´s a HUGE blessing! I love the ward and the members and just the area in general! I´m really adapting to the change! I really really really love it here!!! We have 5 solid investigators and I´m SUPER happy with their progress!! They´re all such a light in my life and I´m so thankful for their growing testimonies! I LOVE talking with them and learning more about their lives and just watching their faith grow!! 

So the other day we were walking in "Las Tierras" and over there, it´s like SUPER dangerous, literally after 5 o´clock, the woman walk around with machetes and axes because the men over there are scarrryyyyy. But don´t worry moms who are reading this, we hop in our little tuk tuk at 4:30 and call it a day in las tierras!! But so we were walking and this girl, Leslie, was sitting outside and we both decided to talk to her! She is probably the SWEETEST girl I have ever met. She´s 14 and she has a twin and she is just so open to listening to the gospel. We talk her about Jospeh Smith and I could tell that during the lesson, her heart changed and her face just became SO focused in the truthfulness of the message! At the end, we challenged her to pray if the church is true, and to be baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and she said YES! I was literally glowing with happiness! I´m literally smiling as I´m writing this! I am SO HAPPY! 

I wish I could write every single miracle I see everyday but that´s just way too many!! Haha, but my companion and I are really working on trying to see one miracle everyday that we can really remember and use for other people who are interested in the church. :) 

I hope and pray that each of you will feel the presence of the Holy Ghost this week during your prayers and service to our Heavenly Father! I know that God blesses every single person on the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we all have the opportunity to know the truth and to receive answers to our prayers!! I have a testimony of this church. I know that this is the true gospel of Christ. We are SO blessed to be able to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father and with our brother, Jesus Christ! I know that it is through the Holy Ghost, that we can feel God´s love and his INCREDIBLE support and help in our lives! I couldn´t be MORE thankful for this short time to wear Christ´s name on my heart and to share my testimony with everyone in the street. 

I now challenge each of you to find someone and share an experience that when you gave service to someone, and the feelings that you felt afterward! Did you feel happy? loved? Joy? Whatever you felt, it was an attribute of Christ! And I´m so happy that you could recognize and feel that special feeling in your life! 

Ahh, I love this work and the people that I get to work with everyday! 

Love you and I´m so happy to be a little ball of sunshine in the Lord´s work! 

Hermana Pereira ❤

ps. in these photos, we were given SO much food one day... like from random people... that´s probably why I have a parasite now that I think about it.... hahaha oops... but yeah, we ate straight coconut, oranges, a fruit called gushin (the green thing in my hand), and ingranisadas!!

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