Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!!!!!! Jan 2, 2017

ahhh feliz feliz año!!! what a speical time to set goals and think of all the amazing blessings in your life! i´m SO excited to see what this year has in store for me as an missionary in Guatemala!

first of all, this new year´s was SO different but one of my favorites! since fireworks are the most popular "toy" here, we got to see all the fireworks going off at 12 AM! We ran on the roof and saw literally every single part of San Marcos and the 9875987 different types of fireworks going off!! It was SO cool! But I think the funniest part of New Years was when Hermana Wright and I were walking in the street and this guy came up to my comp and was like "Wow... you look JUST like Michelle Obama," okay first of all, my comp is blonde... and white... hahah it was SO funny. I will NEVER let that down.

Also, we met this man a couple months ago and we hadn´t seen him since then, and the other day he came up to me and grabbed my hands and was like "I missed you!!!" and I was like oh my gosh I am SO scared right now... and ya know, thinking I would never see him again, I kinda just laughed it off, and then yesterday he saw me and I ran in the middle of the street to avoid him and he came right up to me and gave me the strongest hug of my life... happy new years to me. 

This week I picked up a lizard and we were playing with it and then someone came up to us and was like "You should be careful! Those are very dangerous and are venomous!" So I almost got bit by a poisonous animal :))) Also, we found a dead on the next day and so I went to pick it up againnnnn (already knowing the danger) and I grabbed it by the tail and it just BROKE OFF. I felt so terrible... so here´s a pic of me with the tail hahah.

Other than those crazy stories... the work is going GREAT! We are working our tails off while fulfilling our hungry tummies with chocolate (thank you mama P!)!! I LOVE working with the people here and learning more about their culture and traditions! 

Today we hiked at the Quetzal Refuge for our Pday activity and it was SO beautiful! We didn´t see a quetzal buuuuttt we did get rejected by 3 chicken buses and then we jumped in an overly packed bus where I hit my head 4 times and almost lost my shoe :) Life here is SO adventurous and wonderful and I just love EVERYTHING about being a missionary!

I´m SO grateful for this opportunity to share my light and my testimony and my happiness!! I know that this gospel is the light of my life! I´m extremely happy working everyday and fulfilling my purpose in this mission and in my life! I can´t wait to meet more and more people that just need my complete love and joy!! I´m so thankful for this experience for the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

Hermana Pereira 💞

ps. got my Christmas package... that was THE BEST SURPRISE!!!!!!

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