October 16 - Pink Eye Left and Right

hi loved ones!

so everyone has pink eye, hopefully it doesn´t reach the states but like if it does... just put lime in your eye... it´s literally the cure to EVERYTHING here... but like really, don´t put lime in your eye!!!

so i´m gonna continue with my little bullet points of the week:
  • comp and i made 145 cute m&m cookies this weekend for our ward and i swear God multiplied the cookies because I did not think it would be enough!!
  • intercambios in malacatan and it was a little chill (compared to my 8345798475 degree area) but it was so fun being with Hermana Tree! 
  • i all of a sudden have a HUGE love for animals now, so i attached a pic of me with 2 little 1 day old chickies!!
  • i ate reese´s for like the first time in 7 months!!!
  • still out here on the border of mexico enjoying tacos and quesdillas and everything 
okay and just want you all to know that God loves you and knows you! He has blessed with problems to be a better person!!! Chose the right always follow Christ! We are guided and inspired by the Spirit of God! Be happy and love others! 

Love you all more than I miss jeans!!; 
hermana pereira 

October 9 - Travel Bugs!!!

This week i feel like i went around the world 8 times in a little chicken bus... i love guatemala :)

it was a great week filled with spiritual uplifters! 

we had 2 baptisms this past weekend and wow what a joy to see your friends in the baptism font! it´s so special! 

Our cute Dulce got baptized and ahhh, I´m so happy for her. She´s so cute. I can literally picture her as a missionary in 3 years!! She´s so great. Love that dulce Dulce! 

Also, Lorena got baptized yesterday and WOW it was so special. Super crazy before, but it was a baptism full of peace. Her life is so tough but it´s so great because now, she has the Holy Ghost!! 

this week was great and full of walking and bugs and mud and everything in between! 

thanks for all of your love and support, & sorry this is a lame letter but maybe something a little cooler will happen this week! haha love you all!! 

hermana pereira 

October 2 - It's Raining Streams!!!

This week somebody told us..."Está lloviendo chorros!" which is like saying "It´s raining buckets! And i literally could not help but laugh... the little sayings that i hear every week are so funny!¨

So this week was SO good! Here´s a little about my missionary life right now:
  • DULCE. She´s so cute. She prays and she goes to church with her best friend (that´s heading on mission!!). She´s super faithful, and she´s looking for the truth in her tough life! Quick prob- Her grandma is a pastor! Please send your hope filled prayers her way! 
  • DULCE (2). Love her. She wears corte (the typical clothing here) and she loves the church. She has more friends in the church here than I do and she just loves learning more about Christ. She´s developing a strong testimony about God and His love for us! 
  • LESLIE. I love this curly haried woman! She´s so fun and she loves the church. She´s always telling us how happy she is when she learns more about God and she´s really starting to understand the purpose of her life!
  • We had a miracle yesterday! So there´s this family that goes to church often and we just found out that one of them isn´t a member! So the first thing we did after the conference was go to their house! We ended up talking and visiting with her for a little bit and we got to talking about why she hasn´t gotten baptized, and her answer was actually kinda funny. She said "Well, I asked my brother if I could get baptized and he said that I had to receive charlas... And he didn´t tell me anything more" And so we immediately invited her to get baptized on the 14th of this month and she said yes! She is now preparing to be baptized! :) 
and much much more! 

I love being am missionary! This week was so great! Conference was such a special expereience for me! It was SO heart touching! I was able to receive answers to my prayers and I really felt the Savior´s love for me! Something I loved is that over and over again we heard that God loves us! And it´s SO true! He truly loves and cares about us! 

Just want to leave you with a scripture that I came across in 1 Nephi 11:17“And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things.”

Just like how Elder Anderson said in the last session of General Conference this past weekend. we may not know it, but we know enough! 

Love the Lord and He will direct your rumpy road! 

Love you all more than the amount of plantains that I´ve eaten!!!,

Hermana Pereira

September 25 - Elvis the Parrot

hi friends and fam! what a joy to write you all again! is it just me or is time flying??

well just a couple things about this week!
  • a parrot was eating my plaque when i walked into our study room
  • little Julio Jose got baptized and confirmed this past weekend!
  • culture night part 2! 
  • it´s been raining cats and dogs and tortillas and tamales and everything this week! 
  • the river overflowed and we couldn´t visit our investigators :( like the cars we´re almost drowning in the water!!
  • We´re teaching 2 Dulces´ right now and AH they´re the best. I love them more than anything! They´re both SO interested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
  • My companion is teaching me how to dance bachata... hahah it´s so hard because dancing to hymns is harder than you think! 
Anddddd I learned this week that happiness isn´t made without the action! So i invite all of ya to BE HAPPY! and to do something nice or joyful for your neighbor or someone in your fam! They´ll smile... I promise! 😊

well, have a great week and happy conference weekend!!!!! 

love you all more than the amount of water overflowing in the street right now, 
hermana pereira🌻

September 18 - Happy Birthday Guatemala

hi! okay so i´ll be sure to attach pictures this time!!

this week was really really fast!! and honestly, not much happened!

  • celebrated 15 de Septiembre (independence day) on friday and it was a BLAST. I was so pumped that day, but like nobody was in their house :( but like street contacting was super successful! :)
  • our cute little investigators are prepping to get baptized this weekend and the next! we´re overjoyed to be working with them, pics to come these upcoming mondays!
  • it´s hotter than hot here and we´ve eaten super hot soup this entire week.... now i can totally say that i LOVE caldo de res (beef stew)! 
  • my companion and i are like best friends, i love my dominican bff she´s the best!
  • we´ve been walking 8579 miles every single day but it´s SO worth it because i love being a missionary!!
i wish i could be able to you everything but it´s impossible to put a giant smiley face!!! i´m seriously so happy here!

i just want to share my testimony with you! i love this work. i know that this is the Lord´s work and that if we follow his commandments, we will be blessed immensely. i feel so grateful to be a missionary for the church of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and that i can be able to help grow the kingdom of God. I know that this is the only church on the earth that has the authority of our Heavnely Father, and that we watches over and protects every single one of his obedient children! i am so happy to be so loved by such a wonerful father in heaven :) 

thank you for always supporting and loving me through all the craziness! i can feel your love traveling across mexico to get to me! ;) 

with lots and lots of love, 
hermana pereira