Some Cute Pics of Hermana Jenny Pereira - Dec 19

Same Area, New Companion - December 12

hola friends and family! I hope you`re all enjoying your holiday season, because I definitely am!

Hermana Rosas had transfers this week, leaving me to take over the area!! I was SO nervous and anxious to have control but everything is going SO well! My new companion is Hermana Wright! She`s from Riverton, Utah and I love her to pieces! My Spanish is going to suffer this transfer, but now my prayers will just be that much more meaningful! Hahah but I seriously am SO excited to work with her and just learn more from her!!

My week was good! I was mostly just showing Hna. Wright the new area and everything! She`s such a great missionary!!! But omg, so we were walking in Caxaque this week, and this high, drunk guy was watching the soccer game, and he turned around and he took his arm out of his jacket and he was holding a PIGEON. And he just raised it to the sky and I gave him a thumbs up and he gave me a thumbs up back WITH THE PIGEON IN HIS HAND. I don`t know why, but it was thee funniest thing I`ve ever seen. Like he had a cigar in his right hand, and his pigeon in his left hand. Hahah oh gosh, I love Guatemala. 

Random people continue to yell `Gringas!!!!` at us and we just yell back `Chapina!!!` so really it`s only fair right?? Haha but I seriously love Guatemala.This entire country is just an amazing experience in general! If anyone wants to come visit with me, you are ALL welcome to come with me ;) 

We`re already seeing miracles in this area and I`m so grateful for my Father in Heaven. I know that prayer is so real and that God has a special plan for each and every one of us! Never forget to thank God for all of the thousands of blessings in your life! This month is such a great opportunity to serve the people around you because it`s exactly what Jesus Christ did during his life on earth! Give back and the blessings with fall upon you!

I`m so thankful for my family and for the support from each of you!

Love you and pray to Our Heavenly Father,

Hermana Pereira

Just Photos This Week

Christmas is Cominggggg!!! - November 28

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and an even better Black Friday! ;) Both holidays are nothing here BUTTT great news, we celebrated Thanksgiving with President Goodman and his wife! And even better, every single one of us got SUPER sick from the turkey because they stuffed the turkey with semi-cooked pork and my absolute fav, hot dogs! Hahah, it was an interesting day, that´s for sure!

Sadly, we didn´t have the baptism for Erick and Oraida, BUT Presidente came with us and he straightened a couple things out so we´re hoping and praying for the best and a great miracle this weekend! BUT I made tamales this week and pachas! Pachas are super super delicious and they´re basically just tamales but potato and AHHH it was so fun! I love cooking with the members and investigators, it´s such a fun experience!!

We had Stake Conference this weekend and WOW it was SO powerful! We had a member of the 70 come and speak to us and it was just such a great experience! It´s even better that I could understand most of it! I´m SUPER happy with my progress and the amount of things that I´ve learned in just 3 and half months!

OH! Everyone PLEASE go onto and watch the new Christmas video for the Church! It is seriously the BEST thing I´ve ever seen! There´s a 25 days challenge that every missionary is doing (and every member and non-member) should do this Christmas season! It´s such a great opportunity to do service and come unto Christ this holiday!!

I love this work and I love growing and meeting new people everyday and I´m SO thankful for this opportunity to be a missionary in Guatemala! Love you all and love this gospel beyond words!

Hermana Pereira

Happy 3 Months - November 21

Celebrated 3 months in the mission this week! It so crazy how fast time flies when you´re busy doing the Lord´s work everyday! I´m seriously SO happy here, it´s actually so wonderful being so distracted by so many amazing things! I´m learning more and more everday and I couldn´t be happier with my progression and everything in between!

This week went by super quick! We moved houses at the beginning of the week and WOW our house is so nice! :´) We have the sweetest neighbors and the church is actually our backyard! And that´s such a blessing when you have early morning church! 

My companion and I continue to be best friends which actually makes the work 300% better! We just work SO well together and we´re always thinking the exact same things! 

We had my first multi-zona this week and WOW it was SO powerful! The leaders in my mission are so in tune with the Spirit and just gave such great advice for each and every one of us! It was super super hot, which was good and bad because 1, I miss the heat, but 2, I was sweating so much because I´ve been in Soche for too long! I seriously love the cold now!

We had a baptism this week! But the only thing is that it didn´t count for us because her dad is a member, but he´s less active! But Hermana Rosas and I are just counting her as ours in our hearts! ;) It´s so cute seeing little kids come unto Christ! I love seeing their change in literally an hour! The Holy Ghost touches our lives in such great ways! 

Well, I love my life here in chilly Guatemala more and more every single day! I love sharing the gospel with the cute people here and I love meeting more and more people who are ready to have the light of Christ in their lives! 

I´m so grateful for you guys, your support and smiles are felt from miles and miles away! Just know that each of you have a gringa friend in Guatemala cheering you on through all of your trials! 

Hermana Pereira

Lame Week, But I Attempted to Milk a Cow - November 21

The highlight of my week was trying to attempt to milk that cow... it didn´t have milk... or I just really don´t know what I was doing... Honestly, it was probably because I didn´t know what I was doing but like I´m a missionary and I try new things everyday!!

Really nothing too cool this week! Our investigators are super sweet and continue to show interest in the gospel! The kids are FINALLY getting baptized on Wednesday! Which is an absolute miracle because a coupl weeks ago they said they had to wait a super long time because of their aunt! So wish us luckk this week as we try to sucessfully go throughout this week! 

Our cute little jovenes (youth) are doing SO great! I love working with them so much because I feel like I can just relate to literally all of their questions and trials and everything in between! We´re really trying to focus on the kids and what they need in their life!! 

I´m super lame at emails when nothing awesome happens during the week!! BUT just know that I LOVE my life here SO much. I really don´t think that I´ve ever been this happy in my entire life! Everything about Guatemala is so eye opening and I just love my life SO much! I love hearing from all of you and your families! Your little weekly updates make me smile and I hope you know that you´re always in my heart! I´m super super happy with happiness that this gospel brings to everyone in their lives! 

I love you all and que Dios les bendiga :)) (everyone here is catholic or evangelico so everything is about God and I love all of the little frases here hahah)

hermana pereira