She Put a Ring On It! - October 3

hi sweet friends! this week was full of blessings and miracles!

first of all, Mariela got married and baptized! It was such a special day for her and her family! We are extremely happy for her and her decision to come unto Christ! It`s seriously so wonderful to see the change in people through their conversion process. We are so so so blessed to be able to work with her and her sweet family. And we`re super excited to announce that her husband is getting baptized next week! We`re on cloud 9 with the progress of her family!

General Conference was super great this year... espeically the music... because that was the only thing I could completely understand! Haha the language is really coming quicky though! Anyway, we had some of our investigators come and they really enjoyed it! We have an investigator named Juli and she LOVED the conference. She`s super positive and excited to learn more about the gospel! 

In typical missionary news... I ate chicken noodle soup this week. Like literally CHICKEN noodle soup... like my bowl had the head, neck, liver and heart in it... Let`s just say I had 5 too many tortillas to get it all down hahhah. It was so funny though. I can`t say I love trying new foods, but it was a good experience hahah my companion only asked for ALL 4 FEET hahaahahah oh gosh I love my life here and the crazy things that happen everyday!! 

We had a conference with all of the hermanas this week and it was centered on happiness! It was SO great learning and meeting all the cute sister missionaries here and we had chocolate chip cookies which were a complete blessing!!

I continue to freeze my buns off when it rains but it`s been so fun especially with my cutie of a companion! I love the work SO much and It`s crazy that I`m celebrating 2 months tomorrow!! 16 more months to go! 

I know that this gospel brings complete and everlasting happiness! Continue being the energetic and joyful people that you all are! I love and miss you all! 

hermana pereiraaa:)

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