Freezing My Buns OFF - September 26

It´s so cold here but honestly, we´re so busy everyday that I don´t even think too much about it! BUT great news!! One of our super sweet investigators is getting married AND baptized on Saturday! Ahhh we couldn´t be more excited for her... and us because it´s our first baptism in Soche!! Yay!

Honestly though, so much happens in a week that I can´t even remeber the little things! I love and adore every single kid here, they make my heart so so full and happy!! I thin kI´ve met maybe 6 Diegos this week? Hahah but honestly it´s so fun meeting new people, contacting here is so fun too because the people are too nice to say no to 2 cute, yet soaking wet missionaries in the pouring rain! ;) 

Let´s see let´s seeeee... I miss everyone so so much! I think of so many of you people every single day, I just never have the time to express my love and appreciation for ALL of you in just one hour!! But just know, you´re always in my heart! 

OH! This Sunday was great!! Crazy crazy busy BUT a member of the 70 came and spoke in our ward... we´´re still not really sure why but it was so awesome! He pretty much just directed his talk to the missionaries so it was so great, it was like a little mini General Conference for Hermana Rosas and i!

We continue to love and adore the people here and we progress the work everyyy singggle dayyy! EXCEPT I´m not a fan of the dogs here... I mean yes, most of them are super cute and ugh so skinny, poor babies... but literally TWICE this week, we almost got eaten by dogs... hahah it was actually so funny! We screamed and then right after we were like "Okay... this is happening, just let it happen..." But luckily, we didn´t get bit, and the sweet pregnant women saved us. And in return we gave her a Book of Mormon so really, it was a win win! Hahah

well I absolutely LOVE my life here and yes, there are definitely hard days, but everything is SO worth it when you´re bringing people unto Christ! I know without a doubt that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. We as missionaries wear His name on our hearts because he died for us! Continue to be obedient and righteous daughters and sons of Heavenly Father! Ugh, I love every single one of you and I´m so so happy to have you in my life! 

Trust the Lord with alllll your heart and he will direct you on his straight and ETERNAL path! 

hermana pereiraaa :)

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