First Week in the Field - September 19

 Her pictures were sent that way!
hello my sweet and supportive friends & fam!

week 1 in the field was the hardest but best experience ever! so for the next 12 weeks (due to training), i`ll be up in the COLDEST and most DIFFICULT part of the mission called Soche, San Marcos, Guatemala! BUT I`m so so lucky to be here because I know that Heavenly Father has prepared his children here to hear my simple, yet powerful testimony of the Gospel! They recently opened up this part of the mission to the hermanas so both my companion and I are contacting a tonnnn and we`re making so many appointments with faithful and humble people! 

My companion is Hermana Rosas, she`s from México DF and she is probably thee sweetest girl I have ever met. She was converted into the gospel when she was 16 and she`s seriously never been happier! She`s such a sweetheart and she knows a LOT of English which is super helpful when I`m constantly asking her what everything means! All in all, I`m incredibly blessed to have her as my trainer!

Nothing too cool has happened in the past week beside the fact that I made it out here (finally!). I`m super close with the kids here and they all make fun of me because I`m whiter than all of them hahah! But they`re so sweet and I`m so thankful to be able to joke and play with the little niños!! :) 

I`ve witnessed so many miracles this week and I`m super excited to see what is in my near future here! I`m so so grateful for the opportunity to serve as a missionary in Guatemala and to help others come unto Christ!

Sorry for the short email but I hope some of my pictures make up for it! I love and miss you all and I love hearing about your happy moments that are going on in your life! 

hermana pereiraaa:)

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