Happy Anniversary Soche - October 24

this week has been FILLED with celebration and fairs and TOO many fireworks! Like fireworks are a normal everyday thing here, but this week, at literally any hour of the day, fireworks and sparker things and I don´t even know what else, just go off! It´s actually super fun! So happy anniversary Soche!

Nothing too crazy happened this week! We´re still working super closely with that super cute family I told you about last week and AH I seriously love them SO much! There are 3 girls and 1 boy and it reminds of my cute fam back home! I´m so so so happy to be sharing this happy happy gospel with the people in Soche, especially Hermana Celeste and her super cute family! 

I´m excited to finish my training... in 6 weeks! It´s actually been a great learning experience for both me and my companion! Oh goodness, my companion is the sweetest girl in the world! I love her more and more everyday!!! I wish you guys could all meet her and her contagious personality! 

Our area gets bigger and bigger each day! I love being cold everyday (that´s definitely sarcastic) BUT it´s honestly the prettiest area ever! I´m always seeing new places and meeting so many different types of people because we´re so far up the mountain! 

This email is seriously all over the place BUT I knnow that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ and I KNOW that this gospel blesses families. I have already witnessed too many miracles to know that God knows and loves each of us. I´m seriously so incredibly thankful for the knowledge of eternal families and I´m so so so happy to be here spreading the gospel and sharing my testimony of Christl! 

I hope all of you make time for your families this week and express your gratitude for EACH member in your family!

Miss and love you all more than the amount of fireworks that go off everyday!

Hermana Pereira

ps. so i´m sorry that i attatched a pic of myself... hahah 

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