Super, super quick, OH, and Happy Halloween - October 31

super quick, the water system has been down so we didn´t have water for 6 days!! It was so so so horrible, but luckily our across the street neighbor LOVES us and let us shower at her house all week! Sooo bless her heart, and her hot water!

Our investigators are kind of at a still point right now, nothing new but nothing old! Just same old same old! 

Fireworks continue to go off every night and the dogs continue to bark at literally EVERYTHING. BUT luckily no dogs tried to eat us this week! 

I have lame pics this week because honestly this week was lame and super super cold! 

Super super random but tomorrow Guatemala has this super cool tradition where literally everyone flies kites and has contests and so we´re super excited to watch like thousands of kites flying in the air!!

Anyway, love you all so so much! 

Hermana Pereira

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