Lame Week, But I Attempted to Milk a Cow - November 21

The highlight of my week was trying to attempt to milk that cow... it didn´t have milk... or I just really don´t know what I was doing... Honestly, it was probably because I didn´t know what I was doing but like I´m a missionary and I try new things everyday!!

Really nothing too cool this week! Our investigators are super sweet and continue to show interest in the gospel! The kids are FINALLY getting baptized on Wednesday! Which is an absolute miracle because a coupl weeks ago they said they had to wait a super long time because of their aunt! So wish us luckk this week as we try to sucessfully go throughout this week! 

Our cute little jovenes (youth) are doing SO great! I love working with them so much because I feel like I can just relate to literally all of their questions and trials and everything in between! We´re really trying to focus on the kids and what they need in their life!! 

I´m super lame at emails when nothing awesome happens during the week!! BUT just know that I LOVE my life here SO much. I really don´t think that I´ve ever been this happy in my entire life! Everything about Guatemala is so eye opening and I just love my life SO much! I love hearing from all of you and your families! Your little weekly updates make me smile and I hope you know that you´re always in my heart! I´m super super happy with happiness that this gospel brings to everyone in their lives! 

I love you all and que Dios les bendiga :)) (everyone here is catholic or evangelico so everything is about God and I love all of the little frases here hahah)

hermana pereira

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