Cambios!!!!! January 16, 2017

welllll, I can finally say that I´m saying goodbye to my first area after 5 months! So weird to think about!

On Wednesday night, Hermana Wright and I had a HUGE scare because the president´s wife called us and we were like WHAT IS HAPPENING. So you know, I answered with my sweetest voice and I was like Hello! And she told us that we were both going to finish training for the new missionaries! Soooo SURPRISE! I´m SO excited but like insanely nervous because I have such little time in the mission to be a trainer but like wherever and whatever the Lord needs, I´m willingly there! 

Before anyone asks, I have glasses because last week the wind was SO strong that literally every 5 steps I would take, I would have to stop in the middle of the road and rub my eyes until the rocks would come out... so really, it´s RIP to my eyes hahaha.

Well, this week was insanely long but like I´ve never been so dedicated in the work! I feel so ready and so excited for this new change and I´m even more excited to finally go to the coast! I´ll finally not have to bring a sweater or a jacket with me wherever I go! I have 2 options... I either go to Mazate, which is toward the bottom of Guatemala, or I go right into the city of Retalhuleu! So really, either one is going to be SUPER different but SO fun!! 

So we have to take "chicken buses" to Reu so we were coming back from Xela to take the cross over bus to San Marcos and I finally got a seat and my companion and I were sitting on 2 different seats, and these super scary men came and sat right next to the both of us and we just looked at each other and were like oh no... hahah but like the ride was fine (on my part... Hermana Wright was getting slept on... lol) but like 2 hours in, the guy next to me taps my hand and I have like mini heart attack and I´m like hehe what? Like suuuuper nervous because ya know, scary guy. And he turns to me and he´s like "Do you want a little bit of weed?.. it´s the good stuff... from Reu" and I literally freeze and I´m like haha... no gracias! that is very very kind of you..." Like can you NOT see the plaque???? So yeah so that happened and the elders behind us were just laughing soooo hard because they were like nooo way did that just happen hahahah.

Life here in Guatemala is such an adventure. I love the work here and the people just make everything so much better. I couldn´t be more happy to be in such a wholesome and beautiful place for the next year of my life! And I LOVE being here, being a representative of Jesus Christ. I feel SO honored to be able to share my absolute love and happiness with these faithful people! I love love love being a missionary. We literally have the light of the world in our lives and it´s our time to share it with everyone around us! 

I´m SO thankful for each and every one of you and I couldn´t be MORE happy to be here! 

Love the Lord and you will receive blessings beyond your imagination!

Hermana Pereira ♡


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