I'm a Mom! LOL - March 6, 2017

Life is fabulous
The mission is great
I have 2 parasites
anddddd awkward tanlines

There`s a poem for ya (that doesn`t rhyme or anything) about how my life is going hahaha

Haha but super short email BUT I`m training! It`s been a super fun week with my little Nicaraguan companion (again!), she`s such a sweetheart. Straight out of the CCM, she`s awesome and SUCH a hard worker! Love her, love the work!
We`re working with 2 SUPER cute families and i love them SO MUCH! They are miracles in my life! :)
we roller skated for Pday today and wow... it was so funny. my poor companion was struggling BUT she`s a rockstar and made it though!
it`s hot,  i`m sweaty all the time, i have bugbites everyday BUT I love the mission!!! I`m so happy to be here and I honestly would rather be here than any other place in the world! I hope you can all feel my uncomtrolable love for each and every one of you! You guys are such inspritations to me and I`m so so so thankful for each of your testimonies, and your incredible faith in Christ! I know that this is the truth church and I couldn`t be MORE grateful for the love that I can feel from not only you, but from our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ.
xoxo your slightly browned, yet extemely happy missionary in guatemala,
hermana pereira :)

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