I kicked my gum and my show flew into the river - February 27, 2017

So the title of this email is pretty much how my week went hahaha.

So on Thursday we were walking to our District meeting and I had gum in the mouth... and ya know, I spit it out and went to kick it, and my shoe WENT WITH MY GUM. And while it was in the air I was like ´God please bless me by dropping the shoe on the sidewalk and not all the way down the river´ and wanna know what happened? A TRIAL HAPPENED. My shoe flew off the side and dropped right in to the rio.... and I was seriously like... this is an absolute joke. And so I walked the rest of the way to the meeting with one shoe.... lol But no worries, Elder Gallagher saved me (and my feet) after the meeting and grabbed my shoe!! hahah so now I have both shoes and I´m a happy camper :) 

President Goodman called me this week and told me that I´m going to train again so that´s SUPER exciting for me!!! I´m seriously super happy to have the opportunity to train a new missionary!!! Yay!!! 

OH so this week we found 4 families, SUPER cute and they´re all super super special to me. I´m sooo happy in this area and especially for these families who really have a desire to learn more about Christ and his Church that is on the earth TODAY! Ah, I love this work and all of the blessings!

Last Saturday, Elder Rasband, one of the 12 apostles, came to our mission to talk to us! Ahhh, what an AMAZING experience. I was and still am SO thankful for the answers that I received last weekend. I know with my entire heart that he was speaking the word of God. I know that he is actually a disciple of Jesus Christ and that he was called, by revelation, to help lead and guide this church! Elder Rasband is SO kind and I couldn´t be happier with the words of wisdom that he gave to us! Love this gospel SO much!

Well, I just want to leave you with my testimony. I know that this church contains the fulness of the gospel! I know it and I share it everyday! I can feel God´s love for me every single day and I know that he is always there for us. Through every single trial, problem, and worry in our lives, he is ALWAYS there. And when we feel alone and feel like nobody is there to support us, it´s when he´s literally carrying us through these trials! Continue to have faith in every single thing in your life! It is through our faith in Jesus Christ that we will be blessed with miracles beyond our control. I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. And I love sharing my happiness with every single person that I pass by! Pray, and you will feel joy. 

Les quiero muchiiiiiiiisimo!!!
Hermana Pereira 

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