Mazate Week 4 - February 13, 2017

this week was super tough!!! so i don´t really have anything super super cool to say buuuut life is wonderful and i love being a missionary!

First of all, Elder Rasband (the apostle) is coming to our mission this weekend!!! And to our Stake conference in Mazate and I´m like YAY!! I think this can be the only time I will ever be able to say ´Oh I´m spending the weekend with Elder Rasband!´ hahah but really, I´m super excited to hear from him and meet him!!! 

So we´re been working a lot a lot a lot with these 3 super awesome people; Lesli and Raquel (twins) and Dionsio. Lesli and Raquel are both 14 and they are THEE SWEETEST girls ever. They just have the purest hearts and they´re so cute. I love their personalities and they´re desire to learn more everyday! And Hermano Dionisio is such a champ. He´s this 68 year old man that was a pastor for 22 years that literally yearns to learn more about the gospel and grow his faith! And all three of them are lights in my life, I love learning more about their lives and how they´ve gotten to this position in their lives! Ah, I love Guatemala! 

Honestly, I have 0 time, but I hope that all of you have a super happy valentine´s day and I´m so excited hear from you and my mom always tells how great and happy ALL of your lives are! Hahah I miss and love ALL of you and I pray for ya always always! 

Have a happy week cute friends and family of mine! 

con cariño, 
hermana pereira


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