i had transfers and i LOVE my new area! and i´m back with my trainer, Hermana Rosas, and we´re literally killin it out here! i love being with her again!

pajapita is kinda like where i started, in the mountains! but it´s SO hot, like worse than Mazate BUT it´s so fun, and the members are SO awesome. I´m in a branch, and ahhh, everyone is just so supportive and SO loving! i love it here already!

we´re teaching and finding a ton! everyone just seems so positive and ready to hear the gospel! i´m super happy here. :) i mean i´m still a little lost, but i can find the church and the house super easily, so like that´s really all that counts right? ;) 

really, i just love this area and i love being a missionary! it was super hard leaving mazate, but i know i´m called here for a reason! 

oh! this week, someone gave us milk, STRAIGHT FROM THE COW. like i´m almost positive that he grabbed the cup, put it under the utter and ya. but the worst part is, is that i´m lactose intolerant.... hahah but everything is good, just the milk not so much... haha!

hmmm, i´ve laughed A TON this week, like Hna Rosas and I are best friends so everything is just a memory for us, i love it!! A bat flew into our house yesterday and i have never seen Hna Rosas so scared in my entire life!! hahahah but i was dying of laughter because everything is just so funny with her. Oh, and this week someone taught us the Zona 18 gang sign so now we´re just secretly throwing up the gang sign at each other.

Really, we´ve just been traveling a ton this week, but i love being here. I love being a misisonary. I love being in Guatemala, I just LOVE this church and this PErFECT gospel! 

I love you all, and i hope you all had a FAB week!

hermana Pereira

ps. congrats to my sis who graduated this past week! yay for being HS graduates! 🎈🎉


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