June 19 - Crazy Week

first of all, thanks for all of the birthday wishes everyone! openingmy email was a fun surprise! I love all of you so so so much!! 😘

this week was SO crazy!

there was a super strong earthquake on tuesday that SHOOK the house to pieces, like all of our stuff was pushed toward the center of the house! That DEF was a scary wake up call (literally!) from the 4th floor of our house! but we´re all safe!! :))

we did intercambios this week, that was fun! i love getting the know the sister missionaries on a more one on one level! They´re all so different and SUPER sweet! 

the elders in our branch had a wedding and baptism and so that was super fun to watch!! i love seeing success and miracles!!

oh! on saturday we had an activity with all of the youth and we went to like a super far away place, right where ALLLLL of Pajapita´s trash goes (gross!) and it was SO  fun. Super hot, i def got sunburnt but it was super fun! i didn´t take pics (sorry) but it was fun and i love my little group the lamanitas!! :) 

sunday was my birthday! my cute companion made me breakfast and we ate cake and we just had a super fun day! it was raining ALLLLLLL day but i ended the day with a cute little surprise party with all of the youth and YSA in our branch! hermana claudia pushed my face in the cake and i got cake in my nose! hahah, it was a super special day for me!!!

today we went to the beach and we had SO much fun!! 

fun fact: about 25% of my transfer has been in a bus! hahah, let´s jsut say we´ve been giving a LOT of references recently! hahah

but i love this work, i love being a missionary and i love seeing the blessings that come after the trials! i´m so thankful for all of the many miracles that i´ve seen and i just love everything about this work! i know that Christ lives! He lives and he continues to cheer us on every single day through all of the problems that we have! he loves us and WE love him too! 

i´m so grateful for each and everyone of you and i hope that you all had a great week! i definitely did! haha :) 

love you lots!
-hermana pereira 

ps. happy father´s day all you dad´s out there!!! 


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