July 10 - Happy Week!!!!

well this week was super super crazy but i was SO happy!

  • THE FAM CASTILLO GOT BAPTIZED (they´re the best converts I´m ever going to have!!)
  • I had 4 different companions this week! But my companion for suresies is Hermana Meza from Peru! 
  • I watched a piggy die this week :( I can never eat bacon the same now!!!
  • We did a HUGE planning session as a zone on Saturday and we all finished with pizza!
  • We went to the beach today with the new district! And guess what? I´m the only gringa :)) hahah looks like I´ll be speaking English all by myself lol :( 
  • We found another cute little family that seems to be progressing pretty quickly! quick prays to the Ramos fam!
  • andddd this week was full of meetings and buses (because like I said, my mission from now on will only be in bus due to so much traveling!!!) but it´s okay because i love getting to know the cute hermanas that we have in the zone!
well everyone, i love you all! i hope your faith in Christ has grown, like my love for all of you! I pray for you and your families! I hope you all had a happy week full of celebration and joy!

i know that Christ lives. this is His Church. He is the head and he leads us through His example! Read the Book of Mormon if you haven´t! It changes lives! Invite others to come unto Christ. And give of service to others. Do what Christ would do you and you will lead yourself to a bright future! i love being a missionary, and i absolutely love helping other people find the light that a lot of people lack!

I love all of you so so so much! I´m sending my besitos your way!

hermana pereira 

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