June 5 - Pajapita to Nuevo Progreso

okay so i didn´t change areas, but there´s this super cold area called Nuevo Progreso and so everyday we go up there just so that we don´t have to sweat the entire day! hahah

so i totally forgot to write about how a cow almost killed me!! So we were walking and we turned the corner and the cow got more scared than we did and it started running like FULL SPEED and so Hermana Rosas ran for her life and i was in shock so I jus stood there and I swear and literally thought of my entire death in 3 seconds and then next thing i know, the cow like gets yanked back and falls in the middle of the grass like 15 feet away from me and i was like WHAT just happened.... and ya, so there´s the story of my almost death, I pretty much had a heart attack hahahah.

okay but this week was GREAT! It was a little tough but I´ve never learned so much in my entire life! Honestly, this week I learned how to be a better missionary and how i can better my relationship with my Heavenly Father and how I can truly rely on the Spirit at ALL TIMES! 

We´re still working a ton with Familia Flores and I´m the happiest with them. They´re practically already members, like seriously, they have more friends in the branch than I do! but they´re awesome and they love the church, we´re just f}prepping the fam to all get baptized either this weekend or the next! i´ll let you all know! :)

oh! so we lost the keys this week and it was THE WORST. Like usually we never lock the door BUT this time we did, so we had to take out the glass of the window to jump into our house! It was actually super funny but at the same time I was so scared because we had to do it carrefully because there´s like an empty space to look down the entire arpartment complex... and we live on the third floor... but YEAH we now have keys, a door and our window is put back into place!

oh and this week I went to Mazate because Vanessa, a girl that I was teaching, decided to get baptized and so I went and it was SO aweosme. She´s so great. and I´m EXTREMELY proud of her!!! :) 

we´ve been traveling like crazy this week so i´m hoping for a calmer week this week! But I love everything about this work. I´m the happiest I´ve ever been and it´s even better that I´m happy doing what the Lord wants me to do!!

I completed 10 months this past weekend and WOW time seriously flies! I definitely love being a misisonary and I love meeting people every single week who can literally recognize the light of Christ in our lives!

Something that I learned this week is that the TEMPLE is just a LITTLE piece of HEAVEN! 🎆 I invite ALL of you to go visit the temple! It´s so beautiful and I promise that you will feel a special love in your heart when you just go to sit on the temple grounds. Take advantage of having a temple close to you!

Okay well I hope you all had a safer week than i did! ;) 

I love you all so much. Keep being sunbeams in my life!🌻

Hermana Pereira 

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