May 15 - Yay! Hello and Happy Mother's Day

happy mom´s day everyone! hope you all had a special day! i definitely did! :)

well these past 3 weeks have been super super super great! i´ve just been so full of joy and i never have enough time to write everything! but i´m gonna try to send my fav things that have happen these past few weeks!

well, yesterday I talked to the fam, i love them and it was SO great seeing their cute faces! i forgot how wonderful and loving my family is! definitely my favorite people in the entire world! 

hmm, oh! our cute little old people got married AND baptized! what a happy day that was! they´re so cute and faithful in the church. i love seeing happy faces in church, and especially in families! 

we´re been working a ton a ton a tonnnn with kids recently and they´re practically our bffs! Hannah, Sarita, and Mayerline. They´re my fav girls ever! I love their energy and they love US even more! hahah everytime we go to their house, they´re all ready with their Book of Mormon and hymn books! They´re such a joy in my life! 

hmm, my spanish is a lot better and my english a lot WORSE! but i guess it´s a blessing, I won´t have to try to understand what the crazy guatemalans are trying to say to me in english! hahah :) 

honestly, so many miracles happen during the day that it´s hard to count BUT all i know is that my testimony of Christ has been strengthened beyond measure! 

I´m so thankful for my Father in Heaven and for the love that he gives me everyday! I can feel His presence in my life more and more as I strive to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ. I love every part of this experience and I love being a representative of Him! 

I hope all of you can recognize the little blessings in your life as the Lord pours blessings upon you! 

I love you all! You´re all little rays of sunshine in my life! 

xoxo,, your farmer tanned friend
hermana pereira 


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