May 22 - 3 Miracles and A Swollen Eye....Oh MY!

literally i´ve never been SO overjoyed in my entire life. Hermana Pavon and I had a party every single night this past week! it´s been the best!

okay so monday, we had a bomb FHE with these little girls that we´ve been teaching and we showed a video about Jesus´ baptism, and in that moment, the Spirit was SO stong. At that moment, we felt like asking the mom for permission to baptism her daughter and she said yes! It was SO great. 

tuesday, we went with our friend Byron, another SUPER positive investigator that we´ve been teaching, and the Spirit was SUPER strong and my companion extended the invitation to get baptized on Satirday (the 20th) and he said YES! We celebrated with pupusas and Coca Cola! 

wednesday, we found 4 nuevos and it was SO GREAT! They´re like already ready to learn more and more about the gospel! we´re excited to continue teaching them!! pray for us please hehe. 

thursday, okay LOL my companion literally was like omg look at the cow!!! and in that exact moment, she stepped in it´s poop.... i have never laughed so hard in my entire life. oh and we found this super cute little grandma thats blind and we had the cutest conversation with her about her life! i love people so much!

friday, we decided that we should go to mayerline´s house (the other cute little girl that we´re teaching) to ask for permission! So we went and we talked about the importance about have the Holy Ghost in our lives and how her niece would be a light in the house for this step that she´d be taking in her life. and literally the aunt was like yes, i want the best for her so if she wants to do it, you definitely have my permission.

so literally just like that, we had 3 baptisms on saturday! i´ve never been SO thankful for obedience! I seriously love seeing the PURE blessings here, especially in families that could be eternal. I love the fruits that we receive for being examples of Christ. 

saturday, we had those baptisms... of course we had to celebrate! it was such a special day! also, when the baptism ended, Byron was looking down at the font as the water was going down and he was like "Well there goes all of my sins!" it was so funny! hahaha i´m already excited to see them progress in the church!
sunday, they all got confirmed and i´ve never seen such happy faces in my entire life. oh and that day i got a call from president goodman, and he told me that i would be having transfers and that I´d be going to Pajapita, Coatepeque! I´ll be heading to a branch, pure dirt, but AWESOME members! And better news, I´ll be with my trainer, Hermana Rosas as an hermana leader! I´m SUPER excited!
can´t wait to tell all of you how transfers went! talk later my fav peopleeeee!!!

love you, xoxo
Hermana Pereira 

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