Leaving the MTC - September 7


It´s my last week in the CCM and I have a million feelings going through my head! I´m so so so excited to jump into the work and just meet all of the sweet, humble, and incredibly faithful people of Reu, but I´m so nervous! I´ve never been so happy in my life!!

This week was pretty good! Our investigators are progressing and it´s so wonderful to see their faith in Christ expand! Teaching here in the CCM gets me so excited to teach people in my mission, just the only problem is, is that I can´t turn to my companion and say "uhh como se dice..." hahah but it´s okay because the Spirit is there and the Spirit is always the teacher!! 

In other news, my companion got a blessing the other day and wow. The power of the priesthood is SO amazing. It´s so wonderful to see the miracles that come from being a worthy priesthood holder! I´m so grateful for the Priesthood and the Restoration of the Gospel!

This morning we had the opportunity to go to the temple! The temple is seriously my favorite place, you can always count on the Spirit to touch your heart! Today was the first day the session was in Spanish and it was SO difficult to understand BUT the gift of tongues is so real and definitely a blessing in our lives!

I know that this is the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can and will receive happiness and so so so much joy in our lives! We are so blessed to be able to have prayer so accessible to us every second of the day! I challenge you all to pray and thank Heavenly Father for the countless blessings in your life! I know that by doing this, you will become a happier and more faithful follower of Christ! I´m so thankful for each and every one of you and all of the blessings that I´ve recieved from being here, preparing myself to teach the cute people of Guatemala! 

I´ll talk to all of you in a short 12 days! 

Con muchoooo amor, 
Hermana Pereira:)

ps. I love each and every one of you who take time out of your day to email me! You´re constantly in my heart!

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