Got Pooped On and Still Had the Best Day EVER!!! - August 23

Hi Hi friends & fam!!

So I´m officially 3 weeks in and I couldn´t be happier! this week has definitely been a memorable one with some silly memories, that´s for sure!

So in our class, we have an "ingles chart" where if we speak a whole sentence of English 7 times, we have to sing a solo to another district... so YES. I had to sing and it was so horrible!! But honestly it´s a great way to stop speaking English that´s for sure!! 

We´re continuing to teach Tomas and Veronica! Tomas is really progressing and my companion and I are so close to meeting his need which is SO awesome! Our teacher said this is the fastest he´s ever seen a companionship find Tomas´ need!! So we did a little victory dance, of course! Veronica is really struggling with her faith in Christ and the gospel :( but luckily, we´re really starting to develop a great relationship with her which will really help us in the upcoming lessons! 

So every Sunday, everybody needs to prepare a talk because for Sacrament, the Branch President goes up and just randomly calls on one person per district to speak in Sacrament meeting! And you´ll never guess who had to speak on Sunday.... yeppp me!! It actually went really really well considering it was all in Spanish and I´m one of the newbies ;) 

Okay, now for today! So every 3 weeks, the 6 weekers go out to el campo (the field) and so the 3 weekers (me) have to stay back at the CCM, but since the CCM has to be deep cleaned, we all went to the plaza where we passed out copies of the Book of Mormon to people! It was seriously so much fun!! We just jumped into the culture and it was honestly the best. My companion and I passed out 2 in like 20 minutes... and got rejected by like 8 but hey, the 2 really boosted our confidence that´s for sure! 

Funny story, we were checking out the cathedral and a bird literally POOPED ON ME. I had poop on my shoulder and I was in shock, that sneaky little bird hahah, but está bien, it´s always a great day to be a missionary! 

Not really much else happened! My companion and I are the only girls in the CCM for a day so it gets very lonely at meal time when we sit at an empty table, just the 2 of us! 

I´m loving life here and the incredible spirit that comes with being a missionary! I love all of you and I´m so happy that you´re all doing so so so well in life!

Love you mucho, 
Hermana Pereira

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