Conference Weekend !!!! - April 3, 2017

this weekend was the best! i hope you all had the opportunity to watch at least one session of the conference! it was SO good! and even better, it´s revelation that we can use for 6 months! :)

i love the mission so much! i´m the happiest i´ve ever been! i hope you can all feel my joy and pure happiness alllll the way from guatemala!

this week was funny because i wanted to be a hero for the little kids and i went to take the ball out of the tree with the broom and i kept hitting it and hitting it until my companion was like uhh hermana pereira.... that´s a beehive!!!! and then all the bees swarmed us and we ran super far away hahahah oh silly meeee.

i tried on the typical guatemalan clothes this week... it´s actually incredibly comfortable! but it´s so expensive... haha but like it´s worth it! i´ll attach a pic.

but ya, conference was the best! i learned SO much and i´m SO excited to hear from allll of yaaaa. what´d you learn? or did you receive any answers to your questions? i sure hope so!

oh! my companion bought an umbrella for 50 centavos here.... it´s like 6.67 cents in american money.... i was SO shocked... and it´s new! like it actually works... we´ve been showing all of the people that we talk to the receipt... it´s a good way to get people´s attention haha!

oh and i learned that most of the missionaries that are from the u.s. go home with a little bit of a southern accent... i don´t know why... or really how but i guess we´ll see in a year! 

but really i love being a missionary! it´s a ton of hard work but honestly, the blessings are SO much greater than the work and stress! I´ve learned a tonnnnn of things here and i´m only 8 month in (today!)!! 

i have such a strong testimony of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that it´s the true church! it´s the reason why I´m happy and it´s the reason why i´m here... meeting people and sharing my puuuure joy in this amazing gospel! 

i know that Christ lives. he is with us everyday! we just need to have faith and everything will follow! 

I love this work. I love being a missionary. I love this gospel! 

I hope you all had a great week! I love you all so much! 

have a happy week everyone! siempre están en mis oraciones! 

hermana pereira 💞 

ps. i forgot how much i love goldfish because they´re only in 1 market here! oh little blessings from the states!


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