Week 2 - August 17

Jenny can't send pictures, yet, but Lisa Peacock got this one from Elder Bryce Peacock.  This is the first photo I have gotten of Jenny since she left.  I have had the biggest smile on my face since I got this from Lisa!  Thank you!!!

Hello sweet people!

Week 2 literally FLEW by!! Life at the CCM is actually so great, the Spirit is so strong and people here are the absolute sweetest! I don´t even know where to begin with everything! 

We picked up 2 new investigators this week, Tomas y Veronica! They are both interested in the church and it´s been a challenge teaching them in Spanish but the Gift of Tongues is incredibly real especially here! I´ve really been progressing with the language and I´m SO grateful for everyone´s prayers, I can feel your love every single day!! 

The Guatemala City temple is SO beautiful! Every Wednesday morning before we all email our families, we go to the temple (bright and early) and it´s seriously the BEST way to start my day! The temple is SOO amazing so I encourage every single one of you to go asap!! 

Life is going by so quickly, it´s weird to think that I´ve only been gone for 2 weeks but then again I feel like I´ve been here for half of my life. The amount of gospel principles I´ve learned in 2 weeks is INSANE! But then I think about how much Spanish I´ve learned and I´m like oh wait, I just learned 3 years of Spanish in 13 days... It´s honestly the best!!

We have devotionals every Tuesday and Sunday and WOW, they are probably my favorite days here. It´s so crazy the amount of love that our leaders of the church have for us! I love receiving that spiritual boost of confidence from these leaders! Stay faithful to your commitments and always remember that God loves every single one of us!

I haven´t seen any ginormous bugs here (yet) so stay tuned hahah, really other than that, this CCM is awesome. The food is delicious, the people are amazing, and the Spirit here is incredibly overwhelming. 

I´m so happy to be here and I´m so grateful for our Heavenly Father. He has a plan for each of us and I couldn´t be more excited to share this happy happy gospel with the cute & faithful people of Guatemala! Keep making good decisions and never forget, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Love hearing from all of you, email me!

Con amorrrr, 
Hermana Pereira
ps 4 more weeks until I can send pictures, but I'd love pictures of all of you!

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